This website all about Ebtedge and Ebtedge login. We share the good information here you have any doubts comment below the post.

Check your ‘EBT Card balance’,  transaction records. In fact, u are not usual with your EBTEdge. U can verify your Food Stamp advantages, Interim Assistance money balance. The website relates to administering food stamp near Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Florida, Iowa, Oregon,  Missouri, District of Columbia, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. You can also check how to create an account.

Ebtedge Login

Now I am Going Share the Ebt edge login how to do that. I am added below one by one. Follow the steps easily log in on Ebtedge.

Step 1

The first step you want to visit the Ebtedge Offical website Click here. Just click the click here button you are goes the website.

Ebtedge login

Now you can see a Box type your Card number and click the login button. Its redirect to another new page.

Step 2

The second step is to type your pin number If you know the pin you can type there. After Click continue button. If you don’t have the pin you can’t log in your account.


Step 3

If you type the correct card number and pin you can log in that account. If you type the incorrect card number or pin you can’t log in your account.

www ebtedge com



  • Click on Cardholder.
  • Type the Card Number and press login.
  • Enter your PIN number and press the CONTINUE.
  • Follow the easy instructions

Customer Service Number

We are adding the customer service number you have any problem contact them we added the state and service number (check wiki).

Ebtedge Login

EBTEdge Customer Service Number

Check your state and take the number and call them and explain your problems they solve your all problem.

Cardholder Login

If you are a Cardholder Login You can log in here And If you don’t have an account Follow the steps.

Cardholder Login

First, you want to Click here Its goes the official website after you can see a form fill that all user Id, Password, First name, and last name, Email Id And Phone Number.

After fill that clicks the register button. Check your mail id There is receive a mail for the verification. Check Navient Login

ebtedge accont create

Ebtedge App

Now download Ebtedge App for Android and iPhone users how to download Ebtedge App ?. We help you to download the application easily and fast follow the steps.

Android Application: This application available in the google play store you can download.

Fist you want to follow this link And you can see the google play store, Click the Download Now button you can download the app.

Ebtedge App

Free for a cardholder use

check your benefit schedule

See your transaction records

See your deposit records

ebtedge application

iPhone Application: Still available for iPhone users. The same options in iPhone application you can check everything easily and fast. you have any problem easily contact them by mail id.

Follow me you to close the application click this link, Now you are in apple store click the download button auto download.

edtedge iPhone application

Some screenshots are below for the what is that app look.

ebtedge application iphone

Next, I am going to share the different type of login, Agency login, Merchant Login, Provider Login, Partner Login. There are many types of people to log in. first I am going to share Agency login.

Agency Login: You have user name and password you can easily login there if you are a new user you want to Contact your ‘State Security Administrator’ to reach the “ebtEDGE” Agency Portal.

Follow this link then, type your user name and password after clicking the login now button. You safely land your own dashboard you can do your work on there.

ebtedge agency login


Merchant Login: The second is Merchant also these steps are easy. Follow this link, Just type your user id and password also type the ‘Enter the text shown above’ you can see like this type the captcha in the box and click login. You don’t clear the captcha just click the refresh button its shows another one.

ebtedge Merchant Login

The above image shows the full details. Keep read and watch and follow.

Provider Login: